I offer a fully individual approach. Each person is unique for me and during tattoo I fully devote to you.


I will make you unique design according to your ideas. I focus on floral motifs, animals and geometry.


I work in a clean, cozy studio full of flowers, a positive mood and a creative atmosphere.


I use only ecological inks without animal testing that are well suitable for vegans.


I am doing tattoo since 2016. I focus on gentle, natural motifs – flowers that bloom on a woman, animals that protect and give courage, sacred symbols and geometry that support our energy field.

All tattoos are tailor-made for my customer to enpower their stories and thoughts. I prefer rich and detailly illustrated designs, but I can also make you smaller symbols if they really matter to you.

Please do not forget that tattooing can affect your spiritual development, the perception of the world and yourself, so choose it with caution. I tattoo people over 18 years of age.

I will look forward to your message and personal meeting.

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Thank you for your interest. Booking is temporarily closed for now.
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