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My name is Tereza Emingrova. I am a 27-year-old illustrator and tattoo artist based in Prague, Czech Republic. I deal with drawing, tattoo, design and everything that makes me happy. I’m open to larger projects as well as small contracts.

In my art I deal with the theme closest to me – the Nature. In it I find my inner peace. I do illustrations with their own soul and spiritual outreach. I believe that if you are doing something with love, passion and gratitude, you fill yourself and your surroundings with happiness.

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Natura Collection

Finding relationships between flora and fauna, world of animals and kingdom of plants, man and nature, spirit and matter, geometry and curve, abstract and concrete. These are the main themes that pervade my entire collection of drawings entitled Natura.

I believe that every animal is an archetype whose symbolic reflection can be found in the nature of every human being. I also believe that all living things on this planet are interconnected with each other. Because everything comes from the same source, which is Mother Nature. Nātūra.

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Zodiac Collection

You probably know your sun sign. However, Astrology is an old science, whose roots date back to ancient Egypt. It helps us decipher the intricate nature of the man based on the position of the planets at the moment of his birth. Throughout history, the 12 Zodiac signs were established, which symbolize the life cycle of every being.

I present this continuous cycle in my Zodiac Collection. In it, I depict 12 Archetypes as they have been preserved in Western Astrology. Each illustration is complemented by sacred geometry and symbols connected to each Zodiac sign.

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